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ClassDojo connects teachers with parents and students to build amazing classroom communities.

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Create a positive culture

Teachers can give students positive feedback for any skill or school value, like ‘Working Hard’ and ‘Being Respectful’

Give students a voice

Empower students to capture their class work, add it to their digital portfolio, and see how they learn and grow over time!

Share moments with families

Keep parents engaged by sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments

Encourage and empower your students

Help students grow by giving regular, positive feedback in class and on their personal digital portfolio

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Give a digital high-five

A shy student is raising her hand? Give a +1 for ‘Participating!’ Let students know when they are on the right track so they keep going.

Reinforce classroom and school values

Bring skills like the Three Be’s, PBIS, or Leader in Me right into your classroom — ClassDojo is fully customizable

Celebrate and showcase student work

Students can post their classwork like poems, speeches, and artwork to their Student Story through photos and videos

Check out Student Stories

Write a new story for parents this year

Instantly share photos, videos and announcements on Class Story, or privately message any parent without sharing contact details.

Share a feed of class moments 🎉

Parents stay connected through photos, videos, and updates from teachers and principals

Any language, any device 🌎

Parents can translate all messages into their preferred language using any smartphone - with just a tap!

Instant, private messaging 💬

Parents can translate all messages into their preferred language using any smartphone - with just a tap!

Be a part of a tighter school community

Teachers, principals, and other school leaders can go even further as a team on ClassDojo

Learn about going schoolwide!

Ideas from teachers that love ClassDojo

The possibilities for how ClassDojo can reinvent your classroom are endless. See how other incredible teachers do it!

Keep it positive

We give lots of positive points! Students work harder because of all the encouragement.

Maranda M. 6th grade

Increasing school-home communication

I've moved from lengthy emails to more frequent, positive communication with parents!

Kendra F. 3rd grade

Support school values

I use ClassDojo to reinforce my school's values like respect and caring - it makes these skills more tangible for students!

Mayrin B. 1st grade

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